The first experimentation of artistic residency, organized by the Whats Art social promotion association, started in February in Recanati, thanks to the support of the Mayor Antonio Bravi and the Councilor for Cultures of Recanati Rita Soccio and the collaboration of the Recreational Club B Gigli di Castelnuovo, which hosts the initiative. “We are very happy with this artist residency experience in the Castelnuovo district which is becoming more and more a place for cultural events. – said the Councilor for Culture Rita Soccio – The Residences represent an extraordinary opportunity to bring art to meet local realities for a mutual knowledge and exchange of ideas. Through the residences it is possible to enhance emerging artists and at the same time build a shared cultural identity that is good for the whole community. I hope this is just the beginning of a series of similar experiences to be carried out together with the associations, the committee and the neighborhood.

An artistic residence is a space where artists can grow their ideas and develop their projects, an “exclusive” container, where they can devote themselves full time to the creation of an artistic product, from the conception of inspiration to packaging real.

The input came from the artist Damiano Massaccesi, with whom Whats Art has been collaborating since 2017, just as evidence of how the association is always available to create artistic partnerships and how it is always ready to support new stimuli and new challenges. Damiano’s goal is to finish writing his new show and then set it up scenically and prepare it for the sixth edition of the Art Festival, scheduled for 8, 9, 10 July in the historic center of Recanati. As an intermediate step, a preview is planned, which will probably be held in the spring, right at the B. Gigli club that hosts the creation. And there could not have been a better location than the historic “Dopolavoro di Castelnuovo”, which with its hundred years still reveals the “recreational” past, aimed at improving the living conditions of workers.

A value, the therapeutic one, that art still continues to exercise and that has always guided Whats Art in its choices. According to Whats Art, creating an artistic residence, which is waiting to be recognized as a reference cultural institution for the production and promotion of contemporary art: it serves the artist to enter more into territorial social processes and to give dignity to the his job; it serves the association, which in this world broadens its vision, contributing to the promotion of art also from the point of view of the creative phase; it serves the city, which finds little-lived spaces and gives concrete proof of “good hospitality”; it serves the “cause of art”, which knows how to resist the “shocks of life”, renewing itself and replicating itself in ever new forms. This first experience can be followed by others, perhaps including workshops able to involve the public and beginner artists more or looking for synergies with the realities that are emerging precisely to protect and promote the sector.

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