Eclectic, dynamic, chameleon-like, the Art Festival, through a completely new look, presents the events of the 2024 edition: 6 dates in 5 municipalities in the Marche region, to offer contemporary theatre, dance, music and circus shows. The graphic version is new but the format of an exhibition is identical, increasingly captivating and capable of attracting an increasingly varied and numerous audience. The aim is also identical: to promote contemporary art forms, on the road, to enhance the territories and freedom of expression. Art, as always, considered a privileged vehicle for expressing the most authentic feelings of the human being and an emblem of everyone’s equality in the face of beauty: the artists each express, through their own discipline, a story, a concept, their point of view, and the spectators, observing and participating firsthand in the performance, experience these inputs, modify their moods and become aware of them. This is the strength of Art, and this is the source of pleasure and well-being that characterizes it. Everything is then made possible thanks to the sensitivity of the five municipal administrations that will host the Art Festival for the second following year, allowing the public free entry: Montelupone on 28 June, Numana on 4 July, Loreto on 7 July, Porto Recanati on July 11th, Recanati on July 12th and 13th. The event is sponsored by the Marche Region. Both the artistic direction is already at work, for the selection of the many artists who have asked to participate in the edition, and the entire Whats Art association, to prepare an edition that is electrifying to say the least.

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