Presented on Thursday 27 June, at the council chamber of the Municipality of Loreto, Art Festival 2024. A format for 5 different municipalities, between the Provinces of Ancona and Macerata. Unique formula, with entertainment suitable for both children and adults, different atmospheres for each individual location. This is Art Festival, according to the idea of ​​the promoting association Whats Art, a review, sponsored by the Marche Region, which over the years has been able to renew itself, creating increasingly solid synergies. During the conference, moderated by Tiziana Petrini, press office of the Municipality of Loreto, all those present showed their enthusiasm for the initiative. The first to speak, Francesca Carli, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Loreto: “With great pleasure this year the Municipality of Loreto hosts the conference of Art Festival 2024, as always an extraordinary event. An engaging and multisensory experience that takes us to the heart of performance art. From June 28, 5 municipalities in the Marche region will become open-air stages with artists from all over the world. Each stage with its own soul, united by a single vision. A unique synergy between the 5 administrations involved. Thanks to Whats Art, promoter of the event, which is able to combine entertainment for children and adults in a single format. Loreto is preparing to host Art Festival for the second year, Sunday 7 July, in an extended edition, which will involve the historic center”. Following are the words of Pierpaolo Borroni, councilor of the Marche Legislative Assembly, who is participating in the event for 2024: “On behalf of the President of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli and the President of the Legislative Assembly, Dino Latini, I believe that initiatives like these are important for our villages, to enhance them and keep them alive. I met Whats Art and I know the commitment behind this organization”. For Orietta Mogliani, councilor for culture of the municipality of Montelupone. “We can’t wait to open this edition too, on Friday, June 28. For us it’s the second year, last year it was a great success and we plan to repeat it. This type of initiative is good for the community because it shows how powerful and fruitful the cohesion between municipalities is. Art Festival will always close in Montelupone on an extra date, on August 31”. For Porto Recanati, which has hosted the Festival for three years, the mayor Andrea Michelini: “Porto Recanati hosts Art Festival this year, on Thursday, July 11, in a new location, right in the center, at Largo Porto Giulio on the seafront, with international companies. Porto Recanati is always remembered for the Arena Gigli and as a cultural reference point of the Riviera del Conero, but it also wants to give space to Art Festival, which “puts on the square” high-level shows, accessible to everyone. Thanks to the artistic director, Gian Luigi Mandolini, and to the entire organizing association, for offering Porto Recanati unique shows”. Emanuela Pepa was enthusiastic about her first public appearance as the new mayor of the Municipality of Recanati: “Art Festival is an event born in Recanati and constantly growing thanks to the network of Municipalities that it manages to involve every year. A single format that manages to promote the entire territory, creating and personalizing the atmospheres of the Festival in the different historic centers of the chosen Municipalities. Recanati has many locations that go well with the Festival shows. I would like to mention, here, a mutual friend, Fabio Mariani, who has been the photographer of the event since the first year”. In conclusion, Gian Luigi Mandolini, artistic director and president of Whats Art, after presenting the program, added: “A greeting to the administration of Numana, which is not in the conference due to unforeseen commitments and which will host the event on July 4th. Art Festival was born as a local festival with the ambition of becoming international. We are trying, we are giving it our all, thanks also to the contribution of all the old and new administrations. I am referring above all to Recanati, both to the old administration that saw us born, and to the new mayor, today in his first official outing, who has shown his support from the very beginning. Every year Art Festival is the result of hard group work and I can only thank all of Whats Art, the staff and the companies in the area. Thanks to the graphic designer, Pierfrancesco Chielli of SUPRASTAR ADVERTISING, who has done an extraordinary job. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow in Montelupone for the first date and on all the others!”. For the 2024 edition, the Festival, while remaining faithful to its original line, thanks also to the support of all the administrations involved, has managed to introduce new elements in each stage, raising the artistic level of the scheduled performances even further.

From June 28th to July 13th, three weekends of pure fun with Art “on the street”, the one face to face with the public, the one without stage artifices, the one made of emotions “in the flesh”, in which often the spectator also becomes the protagonist. Montelupone, Numana, Loreto, Porto Recanati and Recanati will come alive with the lights, colors, music, clowning and balancing acts of the performers, transforming themselves into hotbeds of creativity. In detail, for the debut of the festival in Montelupone, in Piazza del Comune, on June 28th, two shows will be scheduled: the opening, Unicycle Dream Man with Giorgio Bertolotti, a show where moments of sparkling juggling, technical evolutions astride a giant unicycle and sharp irony on a wheel follow one another. Followed by Gùshi with Brunitus. Gùshi means history in Chinese. It is a circus fairy tale, where the protagonist is the diablo, a thousand-year-old instrument of Chinese origin. In Montelupone another evening is scheduled, Saturday 31 August, with two other shows: Doisberto Street Show with Umberto Rosichetti, a circus show with music, magic, stilts and fire and with an original sense of humor; and Sybil with Compagnia aerea Aria di Circo, a magical show with an aerial structure (hoop, fabric, trapeze and rope), to recall the suggestions linked to the figure of the Sibyl, an ancestral character, linked to the homonymous mountain. The second stop will be in Numana, on 4 July, and here the novelty, also suggested by the nature of the historic center, will be the introduction of a traveling show by a company, veteran of the Venice Carnival. With the show Trio Pedali, the Compagnia Acrobati del Borgo, will be the protagonist of a traveling animation capable of combining comedy, elegance and energy in a non-stop festive atmosphere. There will be the unicycle show, Unicycle Dream Man, by Giorgio Bertolotti and the hilarious comedy of the Argentine Santiago Foresi with his Alter ego, Tony Fratello Clown, his trunk and his accordion. For children there will be the skillful animation of Manuel Massarini, who with his balloon sculptures is able to amaze even adults. In Loreto, on July 7, the format will undergo an expansion, involving not only via Papa Sisto V and Piazza Garibaldi, like last year, but also Piazza Fontana dei Galli. For the shows, a truly surprising series of performances. There will be the contagious joy of the Argentine Manshula Circo, who with Parranda, which means party, manages to involve the audience even in adventures with the hula hoops. Also female will be the virtuosity of the German wheel with Elisa Zanlari of the Compagnia Circo Puntino, in the show Da Cosa nasce Cosa. Engaging fun and virtuosity will also be guaranteed by Nik and Frank of the Duoflosh Company, who with the show, whose name is all in the program, Cabaret Zuzzurellone, will demonstrate their virtuosity on the Chinese pole. Also from Argentina, Martin Orchessi, on a unicycle over 2 meters high, will give vent to his creativity, beyond any convention and with zero Expectativa. Throughout the evening, in Piazza Garibaldi, the Circoludobus of the Sorriso Association will not fail to amaze, entertain, and intrigue adults and children, with its old-time wooden games. For the Porto Recanati date, Thursday 11 July, the absolute novelty is the change of location. In 2024, the Art Festival will be hosted in Piazza Brancondi, specifically Largo Porto Giulio (sea side) for the shows and via Lepanto, for the craft market. Included in the program, a parterre of international companies, such as the Argentine Mashula Circo and its contagious Parranda (party); the Brazilian Cia Palma and their energetic performance in Second Try; the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, grappling with the evocation of a timeless fire. Among the Italians: the acrobatics of Duoflosh in Cabaret Zuzzurellone who will descend from the Chinese pole only to interact with the spectators present. To immortalize everything, the Minutera Itinerante, of Felisia Toscano and Maria di Pietro, who through a streetbox camera, will create snapshots capable of revealing the world, from another point of view. The edition will close with two days in Recanati, on July 12 and 13, in which, between theater, music, contemporary circus, soap bubbles, book presentations and graphic installations, the historic center will be transformed into a real showcase capable of giving visibility to many young artists. There are many entertainments designed for children, but which always end up fascinating adults too: the animation and balloon sculptures, curated by Manuel Massarini; the space in Corso Persiani of wooden games, curated by CAIMERCATI; the soap bubbles of the Ilaria Fioretto Bubble on Circus Company; the puppet show Il cane infernale of the Teatro Medico Ipnotico.

Thanks to the collaboration with Giaconi Editore, two books will be presented, that of Barbara Fabiani and Aurora Guazzaroni, “Racconti di campagna” and that of Matia Letizia Lemme, Mister T. For the contemporary circus there will be the hypnotic virtuosity of Linda Vellar with °°HOOPnosis°°; the story (Gushi) told through the diablo by Brunitus; the clowning on a unicycle by Menzo; the manipulations of giant balls and fire by the Argentine company Cia Palma. Musically, there will be the opportunity to listen to young talents of the national scene: the electronic duo from Mantua, Frank Sinutre, who has the peculiarity of using singular self-built electronic instruments in live performances, such as the Reactabox; the acoustic version of Meri Lu Jacket, who, graduated in Songwriting at the renowned British Modern Music University in Bristol, quickly distinguished herself as a catalytic force in the international music scene; the acoustic live by Livia Ferri feat Caterina Palazzi, an intimate and naked performance, in which connection, resonance and expression are the sparks to ignite, live and share with those who listen. And then a lot of theater with highly significant performances: Teatro del Lemming will propose Attorno a Troia – Troiane, which, taking inspiration from the Homeric poems, deals with the dynamics of war that has as its epilogue the destruction of civilizations; La dolce follia, a story of love and war, by Teatro nelle foglie; Nove by the Artistica..mente company, a lucid reflection on our being socially inept minds. Always present is the photographic exhibition curated by the Circolo fotografico CCSR Le Grazie, this year with a series of shots that retrace all the editions of the Festival, starting from the first, at the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino. An absolute novelty is the INSIDEART project, conceived by the journalist Elettra Bernacchini and created thanks to the workers of local businesses. A space, located on the stage of Piazza G. Leopardi of interaction, in which there will be alternating interviews with guests to delve into the state of health of performance art and “small laboratories” of juggling. The craft market, curated by MyLove Eventi, will be present with handmade exhibitors, in Porto Recanati, Loreto and Recanati. Street food area in Loreto and Recanati.

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