RECANATI ART FESTIVAL is a joined festival of theater, dance and music and comes from an idea of ​​collaboration, contamination and sharing between the various cultural realities of the territory.

In Italy there are many artistic realities, among institutions, associations and schools, of a high professional level, that fail to have the right visibility. Ignoring them means wasting precious human capital, whose value can have positive implications for the whole community. In his Poetics, Aristotle identified the cathartic value of art and even more nowadays  everyone recognize  the therapeutic value of artistic disciplines. Picasso claimed that “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life “, Alain De Botton – John Armstrong affirm in a similar way that “art is not only an object of aesthetic appreciation, but also a powerful tool to improve our life “.

The association “Whats Art” was born in Recanati from the will of young people coming from different artistic experiences, with the purpose to involve contemporary artistic talents in the creation of events for everyone to enjoy. Audience and artists come together to appreciate Art in all its various meanings. This is a constant commitment that provides for the collaboration throughout the year with the many cultural realities in the area. To sum up this commitment, Whats Art has created the Recanati Art Festival, a summer two days in the historic center of Recanati, focused on a variety of artistic shows.


The Recanati Art Festival debuted in 2016. Its first edition is the ideal context in which artists have their own space to express themselves freely and in which various forms of art collaborate, specifically Theater, Dance, and Music.  The two main reasons of the first edition, is to give visibility to the art and the local territory, with this in mind the artists, but also the partnerships, have been chosen among those closest to the territory of Recanati. A great forge of creativity that celebrates the potential of art and in which the audience is also called to participate themselves.

Location of the Festival: the historic center of Recanati, which do to its traditions has a special connection with all that is artistic: poetry, music, painting, architecture. Spreading out all the shows throughout the main road, we want to enhance the city center in a harmonious way, emphasizing the many streets, squares and buildings of which Recanati is rich.

The Recanati Art Festival aims to become a common good and a source of aggregation for everyone.

Since 2017, the format has been enriched with other shows, a market of local craftsmanship and a casting composed by artists from all over Italy.



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