The Whats Art association makes public, on its website, the format through which artists can request to participate in the Art Festival, scheduled for the 2024 edition from 28 June to 13 July.
This year too there will be multiple dates for the Art Festival, an exhibition that has now taken on a traveling form with the aim of uniting cities that are different in terms of nature and artistic vocation, in the name of the therapeutic value of art. Many proposals, already received via email, from artists from all over the world. These and those that arrive through the format will be subject to selection by the artistic direction, who as always will evaluate their quality, innovation and adaptability to the structural context of the location.
Artists can fill out the “2024 PARTICIPATION APPLICATION” published on the website, in the “PARTICIPATE” section (carefully read the regulations associated with the participation form).
All artists will receive a response via email, those selected will be contacted by telephone. As usual, all questions will be kept and may be reconsidered for future Whats Art collaborations.
You can register until Saturday 27 April 2024.
Applications arriving after this date will be excluded.

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