WHATS ART is a social promotion association founded in 2016, is non-party and non-profit and carries out socially useful activities.

The Association aims to promote on the territory the knowledge and diffusion of every form of artistic expression, engaging in its protection, enhancement, dissemination, incentive, development and support.

The aim is to draw attention to theater, dance, music, cinema and any other artistic form, because the approach of the people to these arts is an opportunity for:

  • to liven up artistic fervor
  • to encourage people to take part of public events by enhancing urban spaces otherwise not in used
  • increase socialization among individuals, meet and bring people of all ages together
  • live everyday life better.

The WHATS ART association proposes itself as a means and place of cultural exchange between public and private bodies, communities, associations. This aim is pursued through the various activities that the association promotes:

  • workshops of theater, dance and music and cinema to bring people closer to these forms of art
  • involvement of schools of all levels through workshops, courses, participation in artistic experiences, debates, seminars, exhibitions and exhibitions
  • organization of cultural exchange events between countries in the area and beyond
  • promotion of social initiatives related to art
  • organization of RECANATI ART FESTIVAL, an interactive festival in the historic center of Recanati, a festival of theater, dance, music and any other artistic form that can stimulate the participation of citizens and bring people of every age closer to the various forms of art
  • enhance urban spaces, especially those that are otherwise little or not used through the organization of artistic, social and recreational activities to liven up the city.