Art Festival for the summer of 2022 broadens its horizons, tripling the appointments in different cities: Numana, Recanati and Porto Recanati.
Art Festival is a format born from the desire to enhance the forms of contemporary art, in synergy with the territory, in the firm belief that art is a powerful tool for improving people’s daily lives. An exhibition that has no borders and that the Whats Art association conceived in 2016, with the aim of creating strong links between the territories, precisely through the medium of Art, in its performative version, live. Shows of theater, dance, music, contemporary circus, exhibitions and installations, blend with the scenography of the suggestive historic centers of the cities and are offered free to the public. After many collaborations, Whats Art, which was born and raised in Recanati, managed to attract the attention of other municipal administrations interested in the artistic project and the message it conveys. In this way, every historic center will be able to make people talk about itself, making its prerogatives emerge even more and more and more public will be able to enjoy the benefits of art “on the street”.
Art Festival will start from Numana, coinciding with the opening of the summer season of the “Queen of the Conero”. The three-day Recanatese event will follow with a full program for Leopardi’s historic center. Porto Recanati will close, with the Art Festival that will animate the Europa Park and the seafront.
These are all the dates of Art Festival 2022: 
  • 25 June – Numana – historic center
  • 8-9-10 July – Recanati – historic center
  • July 23-24 – Porto Recanati – Europa park
On the website  all the updates and detailed programs of each appointment.
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