For the first year Recanati adheres to the “Festa della Musica”, an initiative that has been marking the summer solstice since the 1980s. Like every year, the Festival has a testimonial: for the 2021 edition, Edoardo Bennato will represent its spirit. The Whats Art Association will give its contribution, with its style, by proposing shows that enhance the music “in the street”, the one that puts itself on the same level as the public, even physically, in the logic of a fruition that is within everyone’s reach . An important edition, which starts from where it left off last year, and which seeks to recover its expressive form, while respecting all the rules to which unfortunately we are still bound. Two days dedicated to music, Saturday 19, animated by Whats Art and Sunday 20 June, curated by the B. Gigli Civic School of Music.

Whats Art, on Saturday 19 June starting at 6.30 pm, proposes “Rigenerazione Urbana” precisely in the name of the profound mix between art, architecture and the social fabric of each city. Three performances in three different squares of the historic center, ranging between genres and artistic training: 

  • Right from Piazza G. Leopardi the Bolognese Folk Street Duo SPACCA IL SILENZIO! will start the summer tour, which will bring the Grella brothers live around Italy with an exceptional and unexpected number of dates. All the performances will then be documented through video extracts that will make up the Docu-Film that the band has planned to make to tell the current state of the various musical realities: “I remember that a few months ago, when we started planning the shooting for a real Docu-Film that told “The Truth” on the current cultural and musical situation of the country, we were very frightened. ” – says Luigi Grella – “We had decided to put on a tour that included performances exclusively on the street, because many of the contacts built in years of career seemed to have closed the shutters forever due to the pandemic. Over time, however, we realized that this summer we will never be stopped “. The band’s Docu-Film sees the participation of illustrious personalities, such as Giordano Sangiorgi (patron of MEI in Faenza) and important partners, such as St Professional, Acus Sound and Stefy Line, among other three companies from Recanati. The concert of the band will also be framed by the scenographies of Lea Gropper and documented by the operator Gabriele Gambucci.
  • in Piazzale Morotti, a journey into the world of folk, rock, blues with unpublished songs by Diego Mercuri (vocals, guitar and harmonica), feat Mattia De Minicis (clarinet, noises and percussion) and Giulietta Natalucci (vocals).
  • In fact, in Piazzale Giordani there will be space for the preview performance of the young contemporary circus company Femmes Sans Nom. Born a year ago from the combination of aerial disciplines and theatrical experimentation, the group will propose the show “” You call them if you want … “, an introspective journey through the main emotions of the human being.

The evening will also be a zero date of the Recanati Art Festival, as well as an opportunity to inaugurate the guidelines on street art that Whats Art has helped to “write” in collaboration with the Department of Cultures, the Municipal Police, the ‘Technical office.

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