These wishes are from Whats Art for all those who have contributed to making this 2021 truly unique … 

  • A year of rebirth, as for everyone… which has turned into an unexpectedly amazing year…. 
  • A year in which we saw the artists return to the “center of the circle”, in those live performances that we all missed 
  • A year in which the public, albeit timidly and step by step, took to the streets to freely use art, recovering a smile and a little serenity
  • A year in which all the various organizing bodies were able to give the # Art and #Artists the right weight, dedicating spaces, initiatives and contributions
  • A year in which Whats Art worked a lot, far and wide for the Marche:
  1.  On 19 June for the Music Festival in Recanati, he inaugurated the guidelines for street art in collaboration with the Recanati Administration, the technical office and the Municipal Police; 
  2. On June 26, in collaboration with the Villa In Canto Association, he organized “Le Vie del Pellegrino” for the Municipality of Loreto, a day with an artistic and cultural background to promote the streets of Loreto;
  3. On 9-10-11 July in the historic center of Recanati the Art Festival returned, inaugurated by the exhibition dedicated to his friend Fabio Mariani curated by the CCS Le Grazie Obiettivo per Tutti; 
  4. At the end of June, the first course conceived by Whats Art for Futurability began, a project curated by the Fonti San Lorenzo Cultural Center: the one on photography in live performances.
  5. In July the artistic direction of Monsart Street art festival in collaboration with the municipality of Monsampolo del Tronto (AP);
  6. For all weekends in July and August, collaboration with the Municipality of Ancona for Ancona Summer weekend: live shows in Piazza Roma
  7. In September, a small contribution for Marche Stories, a cultural initiative in the historic center of Morrovalle; 
  8. In October the second course for Futurability: the one dedicated to the construction of glove puppets, whose final show has been postponed to 2022
  9. In December it was the turn of “Together is Christmas” in collaboration with the municipality of Porte Recanati which will last until January 2, 2022, along the main Corso Matteotti.
  10. On 19 December everyone in Piazza G. Leopardi for the second edition of Coltiva L’Arte. Maps in support of contemporary art. A really pleasant morning, in the company of the Marumba live set.

Thanks to all and Happy Holidays … … that 2022 will still allow Whats Art to create events in which Art with a capital “A” is at the center of every choice and every idea.

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