Art is not only an object of aesthetic appreciation, but also a powerful tool to improve our life” (Alain De Botton – John Armostrong), was our source of inspiration, the fulcrum of our Statute, the guiding thread that has allowed us to carry out all our initiatives, it is a concept that we continuously express in our press releases and in our posts. And it is still this phrase that in these difficult days we have gone to reread and from it we have made ourselves enlightened again. Our association Whats Art was born to enhance contemporary art, a tool through which everyone can benefit, “in good and bad times”. What the whole world is experiencing was not the least imaginable a few months ago but looking back in time, history is furrowed by disastrous events like these, in which the deprivation of liberty, the pain of losses, the uncertainty for the future, fear, they put man to the test. However, after a phase of desperation and annihilation, we raise our heads and look for niches in which we can take refuge to survive. Each one, in his own competence, is called to make his own contribution and here we are also told that something should be done. So if art is a powerful tool to improve life, we still have to use it for this purpose.

Since 2016, since the Recanati Art Festival was born, we have had the good fortune to meet many artists and enjoy their performances. Waiting to be able to fill our cities with live shows again, we thought to involve some of them and to share some videos or some of their initiatives in our social networks. In this way, we will try to keep the link between art and modernity firm, giving everyone an antidote to break the moments of tension and concern, which in this historical phase more than ever weigh on our psycho-physical well-being.

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