The Art Festival 2023 edition was presented on Tuesday 20 June in the council chamber of the Municipality of Recanati, a decidedly “extended” edition which in 3 weekends, from 23 June to 9 July, will touch 5 municipalities in the Marche region, with the two “first vaults” of Montelupone and Loreto, which are added to Porto Recanati and Numana, where the Festival has already been held in 2022, and to Recanati, where the Festival was born and where it will close with a two-day event in the historic centre. “The biggest edition ever”, as said Gian Luigi Mandolini, president of the promoting association Whats Art, illustrating the programs of the 5 cities involved.

Great satisfaction also of the authorities involved present at the press conference: for the mayor of the Municipality of Recanati Antonio Bravi “Art Festival is part of a context of collaboration and network between municipalities in the Marche region that has already started and which has stood out since the first edition for variety and quality of the cultural offer”. For Rita Soccio – councilor for culture of the Municipality of Recanati – “the administration trusted the Art Festival when it was still a bet but it turned out to be a very successful event and was able to demonstrate how much the initiative of private citizens can do good , animating the city from a cultural point of view”.

Great enthusiasm also from the Municipality of Montelupone, represented by the deputy mayor Orietta Mogliani, who explained how “the collaboration with Whats Art began last winter with the theater season at the Nicola degli Angeli, which was able to attract the attention of many young and we are proud to inaugurate Art Festival 2023 this summer with a slightly different format than that of the other municipalities. In fact, there will be 3 dates (June, July, August) with only 1 show repeated 2 times each evening. We can’t wait for it to start and look forward to hosting the full format next year.”

Second year of the Art Festival in Porto Recanati at the Europa Park, a place “little known as a place of culture compared to the Gigli Arena but which thanks to the Art Festival is transformed into a forge of creativity.” – explained Andrea Michelini, mayor of Porto Recanati – “This year then a completely international cast with artists from all over the world. With Art Festival Porto Recanati fits together with other municipalities in that target of uniqueness of the territories in the tourist-cultural offer.

First year for Loreto which will host the Art Festival in its Belvedere, in via Papa Sisto V with varied shows, suitable for adults and children: “We are also pleased to host the Art Festival – said Francesca Carli, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Loreto – “combining our intentions with those of other municipalities in the promotion of the territory through culture. With the Festival we could offer shows to both citizens and tourists, all eager to experience and take home strong emotions”.

Great pride then for Whats Art aps, which not only realizes the dream of promoting the performing arts and enhancing the host cities, but in this way creates convergence between different interlocutors, in the name of Art and its power to relieve everyday life. Art certainly does not solve everyday problems but sublimates them, making them more bearable. In each stage, the Art Festival will offer shows and entertainment, with free admission, calibrated on the type of architecture and traditions of the locations: 5 different programs, therefore, which can be consulted and downloaded online from the event’s website and disseminated on paper during the evenings. New this year: an extraordinary participation of foreign companies and the addition of “date off” in some cities.

In detail:

On June 23 Art Festival will open in Montelupone, in Piazza del Comune with the Compagnia L’Abile Teatro and their circus, magic and comic theater show, Magician for leisure. Precisely in Montelupone, two more “date offs” are scheduled, i.e. outside the three canonical weekends of the event. Again under the aegis of the Art Festival, two more evenings will therefore be organised: on 23 July, with the aerial acrobatic, rope and street theater show, Resta, by the Ludilò Company; on 25 August with Damiano Massaccesi in Savoir Faire, a balancing act, clowning, circus and visual comedy.

The next day, Saturday 24 June, the Festival returns to the Europa Park in Porto Recanati, for an entirely international edition, with three companies, 90% Argentinian. To animate the second edition of the Art Festival in Porto Recanati, always in two performances, the performer Santiago Foresi with his Tony Fratello Clown, show of acrobatics, juggling, body training and balance. There will be the NoNes Circo Company with BANG! contemporary circus show, dance and burlesque theatre. Of Italian-Argentine composition, the Compagnia Autoportante, which will perform in a show of balance, dance, theater with a structure on a tightrope, entitled “Fuori al Naturale”.

In the second weekend, Friday 30 June, we will start from the city of Loreto, which will for the first time be the setting for performing arts shows for adults and children. The path in Corso Traiano Coccalini will be opened by the balloon sculptor Manuel Massarini who will welcome the little ones by creating the funniest shapes for them to show off throughout the evening. In Piazza Garibaldi lots of fun with the hula hoop vaulting of Alessandra Azzaro of the Travie Circus, alias Hoop Boom Boom, with the High Voltage show. On via Papa Sisto V, two contemporary circus shows, that of the duo Circo Carpa Diem with Dolce Salato, a circus-theater show with hand to hand, Chinese pole, unicycle, acrobatic bike and manipulation; and that of the Circostanze Company, Floreo, a show of aerial fabric and static trapeze, Cyr wheel and stilts. For the music section, the musician Mattia Buonaventura De Minicis with his RadioVentura, story-show of music and sounds.

On the Sunday of the same weekend, Sunday 2 July, the Art Festival returns to the historic center of Numana with a varied artistic proposal and a little thrill …. We will pass from the expressiveness of the Silenti Mundi Satue Viventi, alias Ipse & Deep Silence, which will respectively embody the figures of The Angel and Il Pellegrino e il Lupo, to the dynamism of the Cometa Circus, an Italian-Peruvian company, which will offer Cometa, a show of juggling, acrobatics, giraffe unicycle and Cyr wheel. At the vaults Hoop Boom Boom, Alessandra Azzaro (Travie Circus) with her one woman show “High Voltage”, a “high voltage” show with improvisation, interaction, music, colors and techniques from 1 to 9 hula hoops! The music section is entrusted to the Lucan singer-songwriter Serena Matù, who will perform in Duo to present her new album “Siamo Sotto al Cielo”, merging folk tradition, theatrical nuances and enveloping sounds of distant cultures. The tightrope walkers of Eterea, a company specializing in aerial art at great heights, will literally dominate in height, offering both slackline and Easyline workshops for everyone, and breathtaking exhibitions with tricks and evolutions.

It will close the long itinerary of Art Festival 2023, the two days in Recanati, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July. A stage with an added sentimental value, given that Recanati was the birthplace of the Festival. An edition, the VII for the Leopardian city, with a truly heterogeneous artistic proposal and some novelties. For the EXHIBITIONS section, as per tradition, the photographic section dedicated to Fabio Mariani will be open 24 hours a day at the Civic Tower, with the most evocative shots of the past edition of the Art Festival, curated by the CCSR Le Grazie Obiettivo per Tutti, official photographers of the event . On the other hand, the Passaggi exhibition curated by Nada Cingolani, Giuditta Messi and Veronica Rossetti can be visited during the times of the Festival, in a truly fascinating location, in Piazzale Pascucci n. 1, where it is also possible to admire Recanati from a unique view. The exhibition was born from the meeting of three different identities and artistic paths that share the educational “mission”. Sunday 9 July the preview presentation of the catalog of the exhibition “Nostalgia for a childhood” at 18.00.

On Saturday 8 July, in a route that will go from Via Roma to Corso Persiani, and on Sunday 9 July from the Cloister of Sant’Agostino to Via Falleroni, theater, music and contemporary circus performances will alternate.

In the courtyard of Palazzo Latini (on Saturdays) and in the Cloister of Sant’Agostino (on Sundays), the Compagnia Teatro di Carta will present a national preview of its new show Sphera, the result of the artistic residency experience that the Compagnia has created in Recanati in collaboration with Whats Art, which for the second year offers spaces for artists to give vent to their creativity. The show is intended for children aged 2 to 6 years.

With the Hanging Theater Company, the theatrical component will merge with aerial dance and music for a show, PiùMe Swing, which becomes a fictionalized autobiography with a high rate of madness and not a little poetry!

There will be the performer Enrico Mazza with “From a Suitcase”, a mix of physical theater, juggling, object manipulation, improvisation and magic.

For the contemporary circus, the all-female company of Femmes Sans Nom will offer the aerial dance show with hoop, trapeze, rope and fabrics, Cartomantika. Alessio Burini will return to Recanati, fresh from experiments and television appearances, with a new show entitled “Fly in the Street”, a performance show of buugeng led, vertical podiums, contact spheres and Roue Cyr.

For the Compagnia Eccentrici Dadarò, Simone Lombardelli will stage ClosciArt…. or the Art of living on the street”, clowning and magic show, for adults and children.

The DuoFlosh, composed by Francesco Fiore and Nicola Carbone, with Cabaret Zuzzurellone, made up of live music, acrobatics and virtuosity at the Chinese pole, will close the Art Festival 2023 on Sunday.

For foreign presences, the Entropia Company, formed by Argentine acrobats, Magali Meijome and Alan Lerch, who will perform in the contemporary dance show, comedy theater and balancing act, Disidentes.

Also from Argentina will arrive the NoNes Circo with BANG!, in which the two protagonists, Dina and Robert, will stage their battle with juggling, dance, acrobatics and lots of humour.

Maria Jose Ferronato, like Manshula Circo is also an Argentinian artist and with her Parranda (Collective Party) she is ready to give collective joy.

There will be Simon Luca Barboni, who has chosen Recanati to present his new preview show, #Strings solo for men and ropes, all focused on the concept of thread, from the handmade one, to its uses revisited in a symbolic key.

For music, the live performance of Jaspers, a rock band from Milan, with artistic and musical influences ranging from rock, pop, alternative, progressive, reggae, funk to classical music; and Casual Boots, the guitar, vocals and drums duo, who offer their own pop rock’n’roll songs. On Sunday the Casual Boots will enliven the After Festival in Piazza G. Leopardi.

Dedicated in particular to the little ones, but which also always attracts an adult and curious public, the traditional wooden games of Circoludobus are back by popular demand and will be arranged on Saturday 8 along Corso Persiani, while on Sunday 9 in Via Falleroni.

There will be space for the presentation of the book “Cuori in full” by Alessio Torino (Mondadori edition), at Passepartout Libreria Caffè, with which Whats Art has been collaborating for years.

For Recanati there was also strong support from the sponsors, both from those who have now accompanied the event from the first edition, and from the new ones. This support has transformed for the 2023 edition into a real form of collaboration. Specifically: the concerts scheduled in the show point at the B. Gigli Gardens can be set up in a technically perfect way thanks to the products made available by one of them.

The craft market, this year curated by MyLove Eventi, will be present with handmade exhibitors in Porto Recanati, Loreto and Recanati. The street food area is also present in the same stages.

All shows are repeated each evening in two time slots.



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